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Global Anti-hypertensive Drugs Market is expected to Grow at the CAGR of 1.17% During 2017-2025

According to a recently published report by Brisk Insights, the Global Anti-hypertensive Drugs Market is expected to grow at the CAGR of 1.17% during 2017-2025. The global anti-hypertensive drugs market is segmented on the basis of drug type and geography. The report on global anti-hypertensive drugs market (by drug type and geography) provides a detailed overview and predictive analysis of the market.
Full report available on Anti-hypertensive Drugs Market: Global Industry Size, Growth, Share and Forecast to 2025 report at http://www.briskinsights.com/report/anti-hypertensive-drugs-market
Market Insights
Hypertension is among the most commonly witnessed and prevalent chronic condition and is characterized by heightened systolic and diastolic pressure. Antihypertensive drugs such as ACE inhibitors, ARBs, calcium channel blockers, beta-adrenergic blockers, alpha-adrenergic blockers, central sympatholyics, renin inhibitors and vasodilators are used for treatment and management of hypertension. The prevalence of hypertension is observed to be perpetually growing, particularly in regions characterized by large pool of high-risk senescent population, high obesity prevalence, and subject to lifestyle factors. The market size for anti-hypertensive drugs is observed to be large in developed parts of the world such as North America and Western Europe. However, regions such as Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa are witnessing significant growth in the light of huge general population and growing disease prevalence.
Scope of the report
1. Global Anti-hypertensive Drugs Market, by Drug Type, 2015–2025 ($ Millon)
1.1. Diuretics
1.2. ACE inhibitors
1.3. ARBs
1.4. Calcium Channel Blockers
1.5. Beta - Adrenergic blocker
1.6. Alpha - Adrenergic blocker
1.7. Central Sympatholyics
1.8. Renin inhibitors
1.9. Vasodilators

2. Global Anti-hypertensive Drugs Market, by Geography, 2015-2025 ($ Millon)
2.1. North America
2.1.1. U.S.
2.1.2. Canada
2.2. Europe
2.2.1. U.K.
2.2.2. Germany
2.2.3. France
2.2.4. Rest of Europe
2.3. Asia Pacific
2.3.1. Japan
2.3.2. China
2.3.3. Rest of Asia Pacific
2.4. Latin America (LATAM)
2.4.1. Brazil
2.4.2. Mexico
2.4.3. Rest of Latin America
2.5. Middle East and Africa (MEA)
2.5.1. GCC
2.5.2. Rest of Middle East and Africa

3. Company Profiles
3.1. Actelion Ltd
3.2. Astra Zeneca
3.3. Bayer AG
3.4. Boehinger Ingelheim
3.5. Daiichyi Sankyo Co. Ltd.
3.6. Johnson & Johnson
3.7. Lupin Limited
3.8. Merck & Co.
3.9. Novartis AG
3.10. Pfizer
3.11. Ranbaxy Laboratories Limited
3.12. Sanofi
3.13. Takeda Pharmaceutical
3.14. Other Major Players

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